Support Me!!! Live Show!!!

Hey boys and girls! I am excited to announce that my buddy and I will be putting on a comic con festival here at the Irving Convention Center! The event will start at 3:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm. We have received mad love from on of our sponsors and if you ever have a cracked windshield that needs repair then give them a holler and tell them your boy Niko sent you!

After the event, we will be having a party at my friend’s pad which is located at the Monterra Apartments. Please bring food as this will be a pot luck dinner sort of thing and yes please BYOB! There will be music, dancing and of course a whole lot of fun! Especially after several mixed drinks!

The comic con will be featuring guest appearances of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh characters and we will be handing out free Yu-Gi-Oh mini comics. There is a limited supply, so if you want free then you need to get there early. We will also be selling and trading cards and comic books from all sorts so don’t forget to bring your wallet and that mint condition comic you wanted to trade in!

We also are ┬áproviding valet so please feel free to utilize our service and please tip the valet team because they will be working extremely hard to take care of your precious vehicle. Show them some mad love! We are going all out so please invite all your friends and share on Facebook because this event is going to be sick! Take care and see you guys then! Oh yeah, also dress up in your favorite costume. It’s a comic con to remember!

Comic Con

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What a Day…

Hey guys its your boy Niko here and just wanted to talk about the type of day I had. Anyways, I was having a fairly good day until I ran into my ex. Ya that’s right the old ex and man it was if my heart sank down into my stomach!

It had been over a year since we last talked and it was like I was facing my arch nemesis Dart! I mean, she was the one that cheated on me and went out on a date with a coworker of mine back then. I was heart broken of course because I really liked her but at least I knew for sure that she was not “The One.”

Well, she tried to be nice to me but I wasn’t having that and just gave her the cold shoulder and just grazed on by! I hope she got the hint and won’t ever try to play fake with me ever again. I don’t ever mean to be cruel but what she did to me was uncalled for. It is what it is and I’ve moved on with my life and I suggest anyone else who has ever been hurt by an ex to do the same.

I have seen too many times that people hold on to a bad relationship, even when it was never their fault. Yes, It stinks to get hurt but it was never meant to be and your saving yourself from making a horrible mistake by marrying a cheater. Do yourself a favor and find you a good man or woman that is going to respect you for who you are. I’m glad that I’m dating the current beautiful woman in my life and she has been light years ahead of the old ex. I’m so grateful! Other than that…what a day!

Crazy Ex

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Niko in da House!!!

What up everyone! It’s ya boy Niko here and I want to share with you my daily life struggles and successes through this blog spot! Oh yes and also want to share my love for Yu-Gi-Oh! I was a fanatic as a kid and still am even at the age of 32!

I know you cats probably think I’m all crazy but that’s ok because we are all a little different in every single way and I for one do not want to be like the masses!

I’ll holler at you later and feel free to holler at Niko for any questions you may have! Word!

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